Thursday, October 28, 2010

Nut Hatch Carving

This is a carving I did for my daughterPaige. She loves these little birds and has written a story about one called Blueband. I love to hear their 'song' on my walks in the woods. You usually find them clinging upside down to the trunk of a tree, they are in the Woodpecker family.

card done with Seth's carved image

This is a card made with the image I carved. I stamped the image over an old map, colored the image lightly with pencils, and also added some color to the background of the map. then added the words and brads at the corners. The scanner made it look a little bit greener, the chair should be browner, and his face more skin tone!

White Bindweed Carve

I have done this flower/weed on a gourd before and thought that it might make a good carving. It did not turn out as well as I had imagined , but some people like it!

Leaf's Moth

This is a carving done from a drawing that my daughter Paige had done. I fell in love with the design, modified it a little bit, printed it on some homemade paper, and then highlighted the moth with a little extra color.