Monday, May 23, 2011

Watercolor study of  some eggshells
Drawing of my husband, Scott when he was a little guy!

Gourd Vase, pyrography

This gourd is the top half of a huge bottle neck gourd.
I layered a disc of wood to the stem end so it would have
a nice base to sit on. It was unusual because the interior fiber that usually balls up, had dried
to the walls of the gourd creating a mother of pearl finish to the
entire inside of the gourd. The outside art work is the flower and vine of the
White Bindweed, a less friendly member of the Morning Glory family!

Gourd Art, burned and painted

A few of the gourds that I have done some art work on.
My favorite technique is drawing and then burning the design into the surface,
called pyrography. I will add some more of the more
detailed pieces, soon.