Saturday, February 26, 2011

Bird on Barbed Wire Carving with Japanese Kanji word

Went to look for the original
carving of this little bird
the other day and could find
no trace of it. Thankfully I
had a print of it, so I ended 
up carving another one. True love :).
Added a little Japanese character carving.
I can't decide which bird I like
better. Hopefully I will find the first
one someday.When you lose something 
that you've created, it is almost like
losing a child! Melodramatic I
know, but I think other creative
people will know what I mean!
Anyone else understand?

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Family theme stools done for my friend, Kathryn at the end of 2010

Year of the Rabbit!

I love Rabbit's, so I was glad to make this the first carving of the year 
for the PV-21 group, doubly so since it was the
Year of the Rabbit. I loved drawing out the Japanese characters, and 
printing them in gold was so elegant!

Madonna and Child carving

This is a carving that was done for the December issue
of the PV-21 group,2010
The first baby I carved I ended up not liking so I 
drew and carved another baby image,
masked the other baby,  printed the Madonna, and then printed 
the new baby right over where the first baby was supposed to 
have been!

King of Hearts, carving

                                                    This is the Queen of Hearts' husband

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Queen of Hearts carving

Here is a carving that I did for a Valentines Day contest
that Quiet Fire Designs is sponsoring.