Monday, April 30, 2012

Coffee Filter Watercolor Flower Boquet

Here is a lovely bouquet of Spring flowers!
They look so real that you would never know
they are made from coffee filters!
Took a white coffee filter and sprayed
it with Memories spray mist.
Dried it and then started to cut it into a 
spiral -about 1  1/2 in- going all the way to 
the center. Then I took an 18 gauge floral wire
and attached,with glue, the center of the 
spiral. Slowly build your flower as you turn
and dab glue along bottom edge to adhere.
When I thought the flower was big enough I
took green floral tape and wound it
around snugly starting at the base of  of the 
flower where it meets the stem.
I then added highlights to the edges of the flower
petals with a paint brush dabbed into the 
Memories mist bottle.
My son thought they were real! :)

Friday, April 27, 2012

Mother's Day Cards and Fun Friend Cards

Making 5 different cards is one day doesn't happen
to me very often...either because of time or the ideas just don't come. But, yesterday, at a very dear friends house her creativity spurred me on. Plus her little scrap heap of interesting odds and cast offs aided me in my creations.
I made two Mother's Day cards and 3 greeting cards. She has the most amazing collection of tools and gadgets you could ever imagine. :)
The flowers on the Mother's Day cards are
made by punching about 8 flowers from an ordinary 6-8 petal flower punch. For the paper, I used a page from an old story book my friend had.
Then you layer each flower one on top of the other, staggering the petals alternately, then add a brad through the center of them all. Starting with the top layer you fold and crumple each petal upward, doing the same with each consecutive layer. Then you gently fold down the layers to create the look. I then sprayed some color on. So fun and easy.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

 Picture of my kitty Cosmo with a new cartoon 
cat and dog carving. I think I am going to have to do a series of these cute little critters. My son is the artist on the originals, and I the interpreter! :)

Penguin custom carving with the name Montana. This one was so much fun to design and carve! I love special requests.

 I am sure this one is difficult to figure out, so I will tell is a carving of a bottle of nail polish! Printed in any color you like, how fun is that?

Here again, Cosmo helped me out by being my easel.
Nice little hand carved Siamese Cat. Another nice thing about the NZCut carving material is that the ink color slightly stains the white and makes the carving look pretty, too!

Hello. Wanted to post a few of the FUN things that I have been carving. I have been using NZCut from stampeaz and really think that it is THE BEST carving material that is available. I like the firmness and durability of the surface. Also the fact that the back side is so shiny and slick that it will stick to my clear acrylic blocks without any adhesive. Takes ink well, too. I lightly sanded the front before using. I like the fact that it is white, designs transfer easily and can be seen nice and clear. I would highly reccomend trying this newer product from The price is very reasonable as well!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Wood Cross, Handcarved, with Tulips

This is a carving I did from a solid
piece of wood. You can't tell from
the picture but, the Tulips 
are carved away from the base of the cross.
I have done two of these and 
was so glad to share one with a very dear 
auntie, and the other with one
of our pastors.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Felted wool bag, Mimbres Cave Cat

Made this Wool bag with a cat design
needlfelted onto the front.
Black and gray with ivory, all details are done 
with the needlefelting technique.

The design is based
on an old cave drawing from the Mimbres people that
used to exist in the S.W. part of the United States.
The bag is large and also has leather accents, as
well as a horn button, from deer antlers that 
are shed naturally. Lined it with a cream
colored brocade fabric.

'Spring Chick' and 'The Garden' hand carved and printed on cupcake paper!

Today is just for FUN!
Here are two carvings that I just finished.
Made both into cards. 
Highlighted the image with Mica pens. 
I love those pens! Adds such a subtle shimmer.
Printed them both on CUPCAKE paper!!