Thursday, June 28, 2012

Poppies on Cashmere!

Poppies are one of my very favorite flowers.
 Decided to create this background using a technique that usually uses velvet, however here I have used an old cashmere sweater. You lay your stamp down on your ironing board face up, then lay your velvet- or cashmere- on top, wet it down,  and heat, on high,  it until embossed. I then added a bit of paper and clip art, a flower at the top, and some words with a punch. The link below should take you to GG Designs blog where you can see other examples of this technique and see about      purchasing GG Design's beautiful stamps.

Lion Wood Carving

This print is from my high school days!
In other words....old, and tissue, so,very fragile 
(hehe, thankfully, not me!).
I am posting it partly for sharing and partly to 
save the image which is so damged that I
can't see it surviving much longer!
It was carved on a very hard wood which is why
there is not much detail in the lion itself. I must have started with the background first, and
most probably wore my hand out!
I am glad that I have this to remember the 
wood piece itself which is, sadly, long gone.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Water Color of Blonde Girl and Her Adoring Cat Pumpkin

This is a watercolor that I
just finished. The girl and her adoring cat!
There is something comfortable about
painting with watercolors, they always
make me feel at home for some reason.
My grandmother painted with oils
and I really love the smell of oil paint
but working with them doesn't give me
that warm fuzzy feeling that it must have given my
dear grandmother. So, to each his own I say!
Vive la differance!  
I do appreciate your comments and find
it very interesting what different
aspects of the painting that people notice. :)