Saturday, February 26, 2011

Bird on Barbed Wire Carving with Japanese Kanji word

Went to look for the original
carving of this little bird
the other day and could find
no trace of it. Thankfully I
had a print of it, so I ended 
up carving another one. True love :).
Added a little Japanese character carving.
I can't decide which bird I like
better. Hopefully I will find the first
one someday.When you lose something 
that you've created, it is almost like
losing a child! Melodramatic I
know, but I think other creative
people will know what I mean!
Anyone else understand?


Wanda H said...

You did carve another one... I knew you would!!! It's wonderful!!! and I totally get what you are saying...

Michelle Morlan said...

Lorraine Bailey Michelle, I was able to share your stamp (I use your stamp to make my labels) to our Grow Your Own Small Business class. Everyone really liked my logo! Thought you might want to know.

Michelle Morlan: Thanks, Lorraine, for the positive feedback. It is so good to hear that you enjoy using it, and others liked it as well!

Jean the catlady said...

I understand. I was devastated when I lost a folder full of song lyrics. Fortunately they turned up on an old computer.

Love the bird! Have you ever tried a peacock? THat would be pretty too.

Michelle Morlan said...

Whew, glad that you were able to find them!
Will have to try a peacock sometime.