Monday, February 13, 2012

Here is a carving of my little sweetie, Cosmo.
Was an interesting challenge to leave 
as much fur to the imagination as possible!


EllenaElizabeth said...

Hi. Excuse my ignorance but what have you carved Cosmo's image into? Is it a lino cut or something similar? Cute little kitty. I have 2 Manx and they are pictured in the right hand side bar of my blog. Thanks for sharing.

Michelle Morlan said...

Hi Ellena,
I use a firm rubber. You can use a product by Speedball called Speedy Cut or a product available online called PZ cut by Stampeaz. I like that one the best. Much easier on your hands that Lino.
Thanks for asking. Cosmo is a wonderful boy! I have heard that Manx are a handful, are yours?
How has your art been going lately?

Webfoot said...

Nice job on Cosmo! He (she?) looks about ready to pounce on something that caught his attention. And the minimalist fur works beautifully. It has the flavor of some of the Chinese ink drawings with all the open lines. Nicely done!


Michelle Morlan said...

Cosmo is a boy :). He is such a sweetheart. I think Chinese ink drawings can be so inspiring. However this carve was inspired by a
modified photo. By the way I really do like the new
NZcut from your , great to carve on!~ M

Wanda H said...

Wow!!! Great job on Cosmo!!!

gg designs said...

You may THINK you left the fur to the imagination...but in MY imagination I can FEEL the fur and HEAR the PURR!