Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Mother and Child Gourd

This Mother and Child gourd was painted 
using Golden acrylic paints.
They are beautiful to work with!
I have burned gourds for years and
this is my first time painting one.
                                              She stands about
8 inches tall and 5 1/2 wide.


EllenaElizabeth said...

I really like this creation. Gourds are such wonderful things to decorate. There is a shop near my house and they have stacks of them in the paddock, they look like a flock of storks...sounds a bit tasteless but it actually looks good.

Michelle Morlan said...

Hi Ellena,
Thanks for the comments. I have done gourds for years, really like burning them the best. But the smoke was bothering my lungs so have decided to paint them instead. Glad you like it. If you have the time take a picture of the gourds you were describing I would like to see them!

Webfoot said...
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