Thursday, March 15, 2012

Folk Art Bunny Carving Note Card

Just finished this carving.
I love folk art and this is just 
'folksy' enough for me. I also love chocolate
and of course with Easter coming up I
had to print it in cocoa brown ink.
Used PZCut's new carving medium called 
NZCut. I have to say, I love it. Not only is it 
wonderful to carve on, it sticks to my acrylic
block without any glue or other 
adhesive! Bravo Diana Hammond (
for this new version of the dearly departed
PZCUT carving material.
I would love to hear anyone's
comments on my carving or
your favorite carving material!
Thanks, Michelle


Webfoot said...

Yum! You have me thinking about chocolate bunnies now, Michelle! Your carving has a delightful expression on its face and that rabbit looks like it could get into a little mischief! And chocolate brown is the *perfect* color for it. Thanks for the link to your blog - I've been having fun looking at more of your wonderful art! :)

One minor correction on the Web address for the NZ Kut, in case anyone goes hunting for it -- it's, without the trailing 'e'.

Looking forward to your next creation!!


Michelle Morlan said...

Hi Diana,
Thanks for your comments and sorry for the misspelling, it has been corrected!
If you are interested I would love for you to follow my blog. I don't post too often just once in a while usually. Do you have a blog?
Hugs, m

Webfoot said...

Hi, Michelle!

Yes, I do have a blog ( I haven't been very good at blogging, but I decided to try and mend my ways. I haven't put much in the way of art up yet -- I have been having fun posting puzzles and challenges for people who want to buy a certain discontinued product that I have just a few pieces of left in my basement (and possibly other fun things, too).

I think I might take a page from your book and post a carving or two. I haven't done it before, since most of my carvings are for particular projects and I haven't wanted to post any spoilers. :)

Hugs right back!!


Wanda H said...

Love the bunny, Michelle!!!!