Wednesday, April 25, 2012

 Picture of my kitty Cosmo with a new cartoon 
cat and dog carving. I think I am going to have to do a series of these cute little critters. My son is the artist on the originals, and I the interpreter! :)

Penguin custom carving with the name Montana. This one was so much fun to design and carve! I love special requests.

 I am sure this one is difficult to figure out, so I will tell is a carving of a bottle of nail polish! Printed in any color you like, how fun is that?

Here again, Cosmo helped me out by being my easel.
Nice little hand carved Siamese Cat. Another nice thing about the NZCut carving material is that the ink color slightly stains the white and makes the carving look pretty, too!

Hello. Wanted to post a few of the FUN things that I have been carving. I have been using NZCut from stampeaz and really think that it is THE BEST carving material that is available. I like the firmness and durability of the surface. Also the fact that the back side is so shiny and slick that it will stick to my clear acrylic blocks without any adhesive. Takes ink well, too. I lightly sanded the front before using. I like the fact that it is white, designs transfer easily and can be seen nice and clear. I would highly reccomend trying this newer product from The price is very reasonable as well!


Alexandra said...

I've been having a quick glance in your blog before I head out to work, I think your carving of the cat is lovely. The cartoon cat and dog are cute too. I've never heard of this carving material, is it a bit like the vinyl I think most of us as kids get to carve in secondary or high school?

Michelle Morlan said...

Thanks Alexandra!
I have a realistic carving of Cosmo, my cat, a little further back in my blog if you would like to look. I think the caving material you might be thinking of is Lino. This rubber has been around for a relatively short period of time (Unless you are very young!) The shop I like to get the best stuff from is called If you go there please tell her (Diana) I sent you! She is also a marvelous carver.