Monday, April 30, 2012

Coffee Filter Watercolor Flower Boquet

Here is a lovely bouquet of Spring flowers!
They look so real that you would never know
they are made from coffee filters!
Took a white coffee filter and sprayed
it with Memories spray mist.
Dried it and then started to cut it into a 
spiral -about 1  1/2 in- going all the way to 
the center. Then I took an 18 gauge floral wire
and attached,with glue, the center of the 
spiral. Slowly build your flower as you turn
and dab glue along bottom edge to adhere.
When I thought the flower was big enough I
took green floral tape and wound it
around snugly starting at the base of  of the 
flower where it meets the stem.
I then added highlights to the edges of the flower
petals with a paint brush dabbed into the 
Memories mist bottle.
My son thought they were real! :)


Cat said...

Perfect!! My husband and I looked and looked at them and could have sworn they are real!! Bravo!!

Michelle Morlan said...

Hi Cat,
Wow! Thanks so much. Wish you could see them in person. They make great little lapel flowers.

Wanda H said...


Alexandra said...

Very pretty, the coffee filter flowers are lovely. They look like double bloomed Begonias.
I had to look twice though, at first glance especially in the first 2 photos, with the composition, the colour coming only from the flowers and supporting background, wood, crystal & bowl in monotones, I thought I was looking at a couple of paintings.

Michelle Morlan said...

Thank you Wanda and Alexandra!
These would be fun to make for a wedding, with enough advance notice!
Would be fun to do a little watercolor of this composition, Alexandra, thanks for the idea...I'll put it on my list! :)

Gothic Blackbird said...

Thought these were real too, they look so alive! I love these flowers. Wouldn't mind knowing how to make them sometime.. hint hint.. :P