Saturday, March 9, 2013

Recycled Face Wipe Container Lid Greeting Card

 Started this card project with the idea of 
wanting to recycle
the flip top lid to a face wipe container.
Took the lid, removed from its base, and
covered the outside and the outer
edge of the inside with Gesso. Painted it with acrylic
paint and let dry. 
I then created a verse on a piece of 
background paper and glued it to 
the back of the lid using glue dots. 

                                                  Then using one of my
new hand carved geometric rubber stamps
I stamped, using acrylic paints, all over a light cream 
colored cardstock for a background. I also stamped the geometric design once to use as a flower and
then one more time to cut a bit smaller and use for the center of the flower along with a yellow brad.
I used part of a washed dog food bag for the
grass at the bottom of the card and the
leaf and stem, too. It has a nice texture!
I took a plain piece of cream cardstock
and used a dry brush to create the
card base by just lightly brushing 
across, giving it an old washed 
barn board look. Then took
the background paper created from 
my hand carved stamp and layered a 
piece of that on top.  

Then using glue dots I attached 
the recycled lid to the card front!
Now when my friend gets this card
she will open up the lid to find the surprise
garden verse hiding on the inside!
I would love to hear if you try this and 
also see what you have done!
I would love to see examples of your
recycled lid card art!


Wanda H said...

It's wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Michelle Morlan said...

Thanks, dearie!

Cat said...

What a sweet and original way of re-using something that truly deserves a second life, but rarely, if ever gets one. I think you could do a whole bunch of different things with one of these containers...I know you are motivated...looking forward to seeing what else you come up with!! xxxCat

Michelle Morlan said...

Thanks Cat! I just couldn't throw it away....too many possibilities were bouncing around n my head!
It was fun using one of my hand carved rubber stamps to make the background paper and the accent on the font of the card, too! Along with the recycled dog food bag, for the grass, to boot!