Thursday, September 1, 2011

First attempt at Oil Painting!

This is my first ever attempt at 
oil painting. I think I have always 
been a tiny bit afraid to try it- I am 
not sure why. My grandmother 
loved it and I believe it was
her medium of choice. But it has 
always seemed like it was not a good 
fit for me, even with out ever trying it!
Now that I have, I can't say 
that I love it, but I will try it 
again ....someday.
Anyway, this is number 4 in 
the challenge. :)


Laif Copy-Writing Company said...

I really like seeing this. a lot. I still want to try oil painting myself, I just havent gotten up the courage yet, and now im short on time again. I will though. I mean to

Laif Copy-Writing Company said...

how long did it take you to do it?

Michelle Morlan said...

Several hours, I guess. I just don't feel comfortable working in this medium. Not totally happy with the results. But that's okay. I am trying a lot of different types of techniques in this 30 day challenge-at least I am going to try to!