Friday, September 2, 2011

Kiwi Study

Here is a pencil study of some Kiwi's
that Nina thought I should draw.
Used colored pencil here, and just a touch of 
ink for the seeds. Colored pencil is interesting
to use , building the colors one 
on top of the other to get the final look.
This is number 5 in the series.


Laif Copy-Writing Company said...

I really like the series idea. Is is hard to follow through? Do you ever have trouble deciding what do draw? Also, I love the shadows you have under the kiwis. Also the fruit looks like its glowing. cool :D

Michelle Morlan said...
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Michelle Morlan said...

Paige: No, I do not ever have trouble deciding what to draw,paint or carve. I do have trouble finding enough time to fit all the art in that I want to do. Kiwi's do have a certain kind of glow, don't they? thanks, Paige!

Anonymous said...

comment from:Judy Cordaro

Michelle Morlan said...

Thanks so much Judy!

Marza said...

It looks so real!!! I love it. Makes me want to eat it right now!!