Friday, April 27, 2012

Mother's Day Cards and Fun Friend Cards

Making 5 different cards is one day doesn't happen
to me very often...either because of time or the ideas just don't come. But, yesterday, at a very dear friends house her creativity spurred me on. Plus her little scrap heap of interesting odds and cast offs aided me in my creations.
I made two Mother's Day cards and 3 greeting cards. She has the most amazing collection of tools and gadgets you could ever imagine. :)
The flowers on the Mother's Day cards are
made by punching about 8 flowers from an ordinary 6-8 petal flower punch. For the paper, I used a page from an old story book my friend had.
Then you layer each flower one on top of the other, staggering the petals alternately, then add a brad through the center of them all. Starting with the top layer you fold and crumple each petal upward, doing the same with each consecutive layer. Then you gently fold down the layers to create the look. I then sprayed some color on. So fun and easy.

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Wanda H said...

That was such a fun day!!!!!!!!!!! Pretty amazing that I made 3 atcs!!!! (although I don't think I finished the last one until after you left).