Thursday, June 28, 2012

Poppies on Cashmere!

Poppies are one of my very favorite flowers.
 Decided to create this background using a technique that usually uses velvet, however here I have used an old cashmere sweater. You lay your stamp down on your ironing board face up, then lay your velvet- or cashmere- on top, wet it down,  and heat, on high,  it until embossed. I then added a bit of paper and clip art, a flower at the top, and some words with a punch. The link below should take you to GG Designs blog where you can see other examples of this technique and see about      purchasing GG Design's beautiful stamps.


Debra said...

I love your art!!!

Michelle Morlan said...
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Michelle Morlan said...

Hi Deb!
Have you ever tried the velvet with rubber stamp technique? This came about because I didn't have any velvet on hand...and gosh, I really liked the results.
I can send you a piece of cashmere if you would like to try it and don't have any!

Michelle Morlan said...

P.S. and thanks, Deb!